February 2, 2018
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Realm Quest

Realm Quest – New VR MMO RPG Coming Soon

Realm Quest is a much anticipated upcoming open world virtual reality online role-playing title being developed by the team at Dynamious Studios! The game is set to release in early February and promises to provide a vast array of in-game content along with an expansive open world to explore with complete freedom of traversing and interacting with the environment.

Players will be able to experience and explore a fantasy medieval setting with a generously populated world map full of houses to raid, castles to explore, caverns to crawl through and much more!

Not much has been revealed about NPC’s and seems like other online players are the only main source of interaction and battle as you look around and explore the open world.

The game does feature the basic character customization options we have all come to expect from RPG’s. As players can choose their gender, class and favorite weapon upon first logging into the game. Not much is known in terms of stats difference offered by these different classes or how it plays a role in terms of overall gameplay balancing.

Alpha gameplay footages have shown quite a few basic medieval time weapons player can find throughout the game world and choose to pick up and switch it depending on their playstyle, There are also some talks of magic-infused artifacts which player will be able to wield but not much has been shown in terms of it so far.

The game boasts some pretty impressive and eye candy graphics, with a beautiful and detailed environment along with huge panoramic landscapes featuring day and night cycle which all seems pretty impressive, especially looking at the sunset and in-game dynamic lightning work which makes the in-game sunset a sight to behold!

In terms of gameplay, players can go looking for quests or compete in skilled PVP competitions which is always an interesting thing to see in VR games especially in an open world RPG.
Players can also spend time exploring the enormous map and trying to find a class that best fits their play style along with different weapons and armor found scattered throughout.

In terms of performance, the game can sometimes be somewhat of a memory hog as RPG’s generally tend to be, but overall the frame-rate seems to be pretty stable, especially looking at the size and content the game world always seems to have to render.

Players can accept a myriad of bugs upon release especially during the early access phase the game will soon go into as the developing team is quite small and working their best to provide the players with best gaming experience, frequent patches and fixes are assured to come.

Overall the game seems to promise an interesting VR experience with a beautiful and expansive open world to explore and enough freedom to keep the interaction with the environment enjoyable and online gameplay making the PVP and quests more fun making it an upcoming VR title to keep your eyes out for!

Game can currently be found on its steam page at http://store.steampowered.com/app/687520/Realm_Quest/

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