Sword Art Online MMO Gameplay Sneak Peak

Sword Art Online, or what most people refer to as SAO is one of the anime series that started the boom for VRMMO’s. SAO helped create the excitement, and hope that one day we will have a truly immersive VR game, as well as wanting a VRMMO in general. There were rumors and small little posts here and there about a VRMMO of SAO coming out, and many people were saying it was a fake and hoax, however https://www.facebook.com/SwordArtOnlineBestPage/ came out and posted a video of some very early alpha/indev video of what seems to be a dungeon for the game itself.





On top of this, IBM Japan also came out and announced the game to be called “Sword Art Online The Beginning” with Bandai Namco, Aniplex several other partners. The IBM official video is right here:



The Alpha test will be tested by 208 alpha testers that will sadly only be in the Tokyo Metropolitan area and will be held March 18th and 20th.

There isn’t much known, or released about the game other than the two videos listed above. Keep in mind that the first video displayed hasn’t been confirmed by IBM as their game, and could be proven to be another game or fan made project in the works. The only thing we know right now, is the game is set to be released for the Oculus Rift, as well as the HTC Vive.


For more information on the game as it comes out, make sure to follow us over here at VRMMO.co


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  • Nozs
    2016-11-26 21:38

    I hope it comes out on ps4 too

  • Kent
    2017-01-27 03:29

    Why, god why. I’m not sure weather to be happy or confused or sad or angry… So I’m going to stick with confused.

  • Kenkuto W Uzumari
    2017-12-07 02:22

    I have an Idea
    If Oculus and the Htc were to combine their efforts just for this one idea that I have then we are looking at a Safe Sao type full-dive vr headset or should I say console.
    That’s right instead of making vr’s for pcs
    They should combine their efforts in making a vr console resembling the old nintendo 64
    So basically it starts by creating a full waterproof bodysuit filled with sensors
    Then once they work out the bugs on that they could make the bodysuit resemble rl clothing
    like Waterproof full-sensored socks, pants, and shirts and instead of using that heavy ass helmet
    you should make a face mask that uses the glass eye protectors built into the mask to “put you inside of the game” once you do that you can put a wireless lightweight helmet on top of the mask and there you go!
    Once you do that you can slowly work up to using neurology to find out which parts of the brain controls your senses and soon enough you should be able to move your hands legs and feet inside the vr world instead of irl.
    (And don’t base this off of Sword-Art-Online) that was both oculus and Htc’s first mistake.
    Anyways thx for hearing me out
    Ps. It’ll cost a whole lot of money but it’ll be worth it

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