February 2, 2018
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VR Chat

All you need to know about VRChat

This is the hottest VR game that came out in the last few weeks, I have been seeing
around a lot of videos on YouTube about it and oh boy, it looks amazing, but
what makes this game different from other one that already exist for VR? Well,
keep reading to know more about it.

Actually, if you live in the golden era of WoW you might already know how mechanicals on
this game kinda works, you have a character and you just wander around a full
open world (still under construction, but it seems at the end it would be

WoW was actually a really bad reference to made towards this game, but you get the
point, the main attractive to this one new amazing addition to the long list of
games we already know for VR is that, you will be interacting, in real time,
with other players, and for some reason this is the first one of his kind to
have some kind of success in the world of virtual reality, I been seen over the
last few years some games that try to implement that open world real time
playing mode but they never get too popular.

The most attractive feature of VRChat is that actually you have a lot of characters
to choose over, and as soon as a new meme came around, is implemented to the
game and you can play in his body, you have from your favorite star-wars
character, WoW elves and ogres, and Anime characters a little bit to light on
clothes, but that is kind of the charm of the game.

Now, being a little bit more technical about the game, in terms of graphics, for me is
a 4 over 5, graphics are really well designed and every single details have
been carefully taken care of, however as is a relative new game some glitches
can happen and you can actually see inside the head and body of other players,
I hope developers can work over this in the future.

We don’t have too much to judge in terms of sound, no sound track needed for a
game that is basically a chat room, however in terms of communication voices
hear really good, so it also have a 3 over 5.

Last but not least game-play. Well, that’s a solid 5 over 5, this is an amazing
idea, and the fact that you can actually interact in real time, in an open
world with people of all kind and in VR is amazing, the attractive of this game
is really good and I hope it would last a long time around.

Honorifics mention, physics. You need to see how physics on manga characters work, really…
well made.

Overall this is an amazing addition to the VR world, you are assuring a lot of fun with
your friends and maybe the new ones you will made over the whole game-play,
also I am sure with actualizations and expansions this game could be the best
one on 208, and we just started the year! Is really amazing and I am really
curious to know what we will see about this game in the future. Who knows, this
is a great game for sure!


Overall Rating: 4/5

Written by: harisonmbills

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